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Current SchoolNet8 Conditions

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Add: Station: Ob Time [1] Wind [2] MPH Precipitation
Temp RH% Feels Pres Dir Speed Today Gust @time Today Month
Ogden01:47 AM2869%2829.59N00@ 12:00AM0.000.83
Ames01:47 AM29M%M29.45SSW68@ 1:47AM0.000.21
Madrid01:47 AM3292%3229.75WSW219@ 1:47AM0.000.16
Jefferson01:47 AM31100%3129.70ENE110@ 12:02AM0.000.16
Panora01:47 AMMM%M29.84N00@ 12:00AM0.000.15
LuVerne01:47 AM27100%2729.77N00@ 12:00AM0.000.10
Afton01:47 AM27100%2030.01NNW620@ 1:19AM0.000.09
Adair01:47 AM22100%2229.80N00@ 12:00AM0.000.07
Audubon01:47 AM23100%2329.77NNE28@ 12:06AM0.000.04
Latimer01:47 AMMM%M29.75N00@ 12:00AM0.000.00
Fort Dodge01:47 AM27M%M29.86N00@ 12:00AM0.000.00
Iowa Falls17 Apr 07:17 AMSite Offline!
Brooklyn30 Sep 04:25 PMSite Offline!
Corydon10 Feb 01:40 PMSite Offline!
DSM Christian16 Oct 07:22 AMSite Offline!
Lamoni30 Nov 12:33 PMSite Offline!
Farnhamville24 Mar 03:16 AMSite Offline!
Ankeny26 May 03:34 AMSite Offline!
Indianola28 May 03:56 PMSite Offline!
Newton12 Jan 12:13 AMSite Offline!
Manson-NW11 Apr 02:47 AMSite Offline!
River Woods22 May 01:31 PMSite Offline!
Webster City15 Sep 06:50 PMSite Offline!
B. P. Zoo05 Feb 12:27 AMSite Offline!
Union23 Oct 06:36 PMSite Offline!
North Polk27 Aug 02:21 AMSite Offline!
Perry27 May 10:27 PMSite Offline!
Osceola09 Apr 12:57 PMSite Offline!
KCCI30 May 04:32 PMSite Offline!
Knoxville08 Apr 07:55 AMSite Offline!
Clarion26 May 02:05 AMSite Offline!
Nevada16 Jun 09:17 AMSite Offline!
Boone16 Feb 12:32 PMSite Offline!
Sully13 Dec 06:18 PMSite Offline!
Carroll20 Dec 03:11 PMSite Offline!
Grimes21 Jul 08:59 AMSite Offline!
Algona17 Nov 03:25 AMSite Offline!
Corning11 Sep 04:21 AMSite Offline!
Rockwell City13 Apr 03:51 PMSite Offline!
Albia07 Apr 01:39 PMSite Offline!
Humboldt07 May 01:56 PMSite Offline!
Mount Ayr17 Apr 03:52 AMSite Offline!
Coon Rapids01 Aug 09:37 AMSite Offline!
Meskwaki SS Tama03 Jan 11:47 AMSite Offline!
South Hamilton02 Jun 12:27 AMSite Offline!
Creston06 Feb 04:17 PMSite Offline!
Stuart27 Jul 02:21 AMSite Offline!
Jordan Creek27 May 02:11 PMSite Offline!
Bloomfield11 Jun 08:39 AMSite Offline!
Eagle Grove20 Apr 09:53 PMSite Offline!
Bedford27 Apr 02:20 PMSite Offline!
Woodward31 May 08:43 AMSite Offline!
Twin Cedars09 Sep 02:51 PMSite Offline!
Oskaloosa24 Oct 07:15 AMSite Offline!
Winterset31 Aug 10:31 PMSite Offline!
Glidden30 Apr 10:54 AMSite Offline!
Baxter13 Jul 10:39 AMSite Offline!
Centerville14 May 08:45 AMSite Offline!
Fontanelle28 Aug 06:59 AMSite Offline!
Anita16 May 01:37 AMSite Offline!
Chariton16 Aug 12:39 PMSite Offline!

1 Observation times listed are assigned to the observation based on the Iowa Environmental Mesonet [IEM] system clock and not the observation clock which tends to drift.
2 Wind values are 1 minute averages calculated by the IEM.
3 The 20 minute wind gust is the highest wind speed observed in a recent 20 minute period. The value is reset to 0 every 20 minutes, usually at :00, :20, and :40 after.