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10. Navigating

Objectives: has numerous ways for you to use your SchoolNet8 data. Unfortunately, the links to these resources can sometimes get lost on the different pages. This lesson provides an overview of the website and some tips to navigating around. Online Resources:


  1. Which application would provide a quick way to find a site's high and low temperature for July 4th 2004?
  2. Which application would provide a good way to look at live county-level radar and live SchoolNet8 data?
  3. Where can you go to generate maps of RADAR, observations, and NWS warnings for an area and time of your choice?
  4. Which application allows you to plot a graph of a SchoolNet8 site's weather values for a particular date?

Possible Answers:

  1. The Historical Data Calendar allows you to view a monthly calendar of daily high and low temperatures with peak wind gusts and daily rainfall.
  2. On the My Site Current Conditions page a county scale RADAR image for your site is immediately available. You can loop this image by selecting the 'Loop' link just above the map.
  3. The Live Super Doppler8 App gives you a completely customizable look at current or historical weather. You can select the time and area of your choice.
  4. The 1 minute data timeseries plots daily graphs of weather for a site and date of your choice.

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