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3. Sortable Current Conditions


The SchoolNet8 network currently consists of over 60 sites spread throughout Central Iowa. Many times it is interesting to look at how your site compares with all of the other sites in the SchoolNet8 network. You can also quickly determine which sites experienced weather extremes for today, like highest rainfall or strongest wind gust. Online Resources: contains a handy application called 'Sortable Currents'. You can find this resource here:

This application has the ability to sort any of the observation variables by clicking on one of the arrows underneath the column headings. The downward pointing arrow will sort values in a descending manner and the upward pointing arrow will sort values in a ascending manner.

At any time, you can click on the name of a SchoolNet8 site and get a graphical view of the current conditions for your site. This application will open in a new window and refresh at an interval of your choice.

The page contains the current conditions for all 60+ sites in the SchoolNet8 network. This listing can be a bit large to comprehend. With that in mind, you can sub-select which sites you would like to see by adding them to 'My Favorites'. Just select the sites you would like to add by checking the 'Add' box on the lefthand side and then clicking the 'Add to Favorites' button at the bottom of the page.


  1. Open the Current Sortables page. Click on the underneath the 'Temp' heading to sort the temperatures. Which site has the warmest temperature? Now click on the . Which site has the coolest temperature? Given any knowledge you have of today's weather, do you know why this difference is occuring?
  2. Find your SchoolNet8 site within the listing of sites on the page. How does your site compare to others for variables like temperature and wind? Is your site among the coldest or warmest?
  3. Using the "Favorites" feature of the sortables page, add your SchoolNet8 site and a couple of neighboring sites to the list of your favorites. How do the values compare for the sites nearest to you? If there are large differences, can you explain why?
  4. Sort the stations for a variable other than temperature. How does your station compare to sites nearest you for this variable? Is your site one of the extremes for this variable?
  5. The sortable pages will automatically reload every minute. Do you notice any changes in the data during this time?

Possible Answers

For all of these questions, it will really depend on the day you view the application. The questions are meant to get you comfortable with using the sorting options and favorites feature.

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