As of 1 August 2017, the KCCI-TV SchoolNet Project was discontinued. This website will eventually go away as well. Thanks for your usage over the years since 2002! Questions?

Web Developers Guide

The purpose of this page is to provide documentation for those of you that wish to incorporate content found on this website to yours. This page assumes a basic understanding of web technologies. If you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. All of the applications listed below return an image. So in most cases, you will want to place the URL in an image HTML tag like so:

 <img src="">

Determining this custom URL is the goal of the documentation below. For those of you that are impatient, here is a simple page of examples with HTML included. Again, if you have any questions, please let us know!

Applications Interfaces Documented:


1. County Zoom RADAR+SchoolNet

These are the RADAR maps shown in the left hand column on the SchoolNet8 site homepage. The default image shown on the page is pre-rendered to save processing time on the server and speed the page up. This image has temperatures and winds overlain, so if you want to plot a different variable you will need to use the dynamic plot version below.

Temperature+winds plot (fast!):


- Where SKCI4 is the site identifier you wish the image to be centered on
- And # is the image age number.  0 being the newest and 9 the oldest (30 minutes)

Dynamic variable plot (slower):


- Where SKCI4 is the site identifier you wish the image to be centered on
- And myvariable is the choice of 
   tmpf -  Air Temperature    dwpf - Dew Point           alti - Pressure
   sped -  Wind Speed [MPH]   sknt - Wind Speed [knots]  barb - Wind Barb
   gbarb-  Wind Gust Barb                  max_sped - Today's wind gust in MPH
   max_sknt - Today's wind gust in knots   feel - Feels Like Temperature
   tmpf_max - High Temperature today       tmpf_min - Low Temperature today
   pmonth - Rainfall this month            pday - Rainfall today


2. Webcameras

Due to bandwidth restrictions, direct access to the web cameras is not available. A process runs on our server that caches a recent image and saves it on the website. Normally, this process happens every 5 minutes, but during severe weather, it will happen every minute.

The webcamera images are available in two sizes.
320x240 version:
640x480 version:

If you are interested in archived webcamera images, here is a URL template to rip images from the Iowa Mesonet archive. The timestamps used here are in Greenich Mean Time (GMT/UTC).


 - Where NWSLI is the ID used for the camera.  It matches the id of the 
   schoolnet8 site the camera is associated with.


3. OnAir Application

This application generates an image that looks much like the onair presentation you see on KCCI-TV. This image is handy to place on your website when you are looking for a detailed look at current conditions. There is not much dynamic about this image. The only CGI variable you need to set is the site ID.


4. Live Super Doppler8 App

You can directly access the maps generated from the Live Super Doppler8 App. All of the maps are generated dynamically via a call to a web application. Here is the base url you will need to use:


The customization of this plot is done by a good number of variables that are available to be set. This list may appear to be challenging to comprehend, but keep in mind that they are all optional. The processed CGI parameters are:

Param:Description:Default:Allowed Values:
radar RADAR source. KCCI is the KCCI Super Doppler. The other ids are National Weather Service NEXRADs. If KCCI's radar is offline for some reason, the NWS radar is used. The NWS RADARs are not available in archived mode. KCCI KCCI, DMX, DVN, ARX, MPX, FSD, OAX, EAX
mode Time mode of the map realtime realtime, archive
yearOnly in archive mode, year for time setting20192002-2019
monthOnly in archive mode, month for time setting051-12
dayOnly in archive mode, day for time setting191-31
hourOnly in archive mode, hour for time setting010-23
minuteOnly in archive mode, minute for time setting520-59
roadcond Show road conditions? no any value activates
sitelabel Label sites? no any value activates
zoom Zoom factor. 0 is no zoom 0 -10 thru 10
width Map image width 640 120 - 1280
height Map image height 480 120 - 1024
extents Map extents for the image to be drawn. This value may be adjusted by math done from clicking or zooming. Map extents are the lower left hand corner and the upper right ordered like so: minx,miny,maxx,maxy. The trick here is that the map extents are not in latitude and longitude values, but meters in the UTM Zone15 North NAD83 Projection. 200000,4400000,710000,4900000 ???
img.x Result of user click (x coordinate) on the map (None) 0 - $imgwidth
img.y Result of user click (y coordinate) on the map (None) 0 - $imgheight
street If set, string is sent to the geocoder. Ex) 100 Main Street (None) string
city If set, string is sent to the geocoder. Do not specify the state. Only locations in Iowa work. Ex) Ames (None) string
st[] Station ids to be plotted on the map. Defaults to KCCI's site ID. SKCI4 5 character strings
str[] Station ids to be removed from the st[] array. (None) 5 character strings
var Station data plotted on map. tmpf tmpf, dwpf. alti, splot, sped, sknt, barb, gbarb, max_sped, max_sknt, feel, tmpf_max, tmpf_min, pmonth, pday
download Return a minetype (application/octet-stream) that requires the user to save the file to disk. Default is to not do this. (None) any val

That's it! Hopefully you are able to use our content on your website!