As of 1 August 2017, the KCCI-TV SchoolNet Project was discontinued. This website will eventually go away as well. Thanks for your usage over the years since 2002! Questions?

KCCI SchoolNet8 WAP Access

WAP device showing ob

This page contains instructions for setting up your WAP enabled device to receive current KCCI SchoolNet8 observations and view Live Super Doppler8 radar. These instructions assume that you have Internet service and a basic understanding how to operate your WAP device.


Our WAP data service for the KCCI SchoolNet8 has not been tested on every available platform, so we are very interested in your feedback. Output from our WAP application meets the v1.1 WML specification, so we are confident that it will work for your WML compliant device.


If you point your device at the following URL,

you will be given options to either view Live Super Doppler or to view SchoolNet8 observations. After selecting a site on the SchoolNet8 observations page, you will be given the most recent SchoolNet8 observation. Two links will appear at the bottom of the page which link you back to the above URL or refresh your data display. The observation shown includes: If there is other data you would like included, please let us know.

What is the NWSLI?

The KCCI SchoolNet8 sites have each been assigned a National Weather Service Location Indentifier (NWSLI). You may have noticed this 5 character abbreviation used in other applications to identify sites. If you know your SchoolNet8 site's NWSLI, you can directly call the WAP current ob program. For example,
would retrieve the most recent observation from the KCCI Studios SchoolNet8 site. For a listing of SchoolNet8 sites and their NWSLIs, please visit the Iowa Mesonet Network Tables.

Contact Information:

This application was developed by the Iowa Environmental Mesonet. Please contact Daryl Herzmann with any suggestions and comments.

Disclaimer: Data through this service is provided as-is and without warranty.